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*walks into a haunted house*

"Sure do hope there's no



Ghosts in this establishment!"

*sticks m'leggy out*

"Would be a shame if I went home with






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remember when Pumped Up Kicks was on the radio and everyone was getting over Twilight drama? I miss those times, no taxes, no paying for books

The Birth of Venus

From memory, clearly I don't remember much. But at least she's still cute.

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Eat Spaghetti and fall in love

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or don't, Bastard

it's 2020

I'd like to go to Japan one day, anyone have any reccommendations about literally anything? food, tourism, secret cool stuff?

One of my friends complains to me every time I see her about how all of her friends are flaky af and she's ready to have "worthwhile relationships" with people meanwhile she was supposed to pick me up almost an hour ago to hang out



Oh My god YEEE!

god I love classics

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tfw the radio switches to the Classic Rock station and

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I had to retake a class that I previously took online and failed, same professor, same time allotment, I'm getting an A+ and I'm just re-submitting all of the stuff I did the first time. The only difference is that I'm sitting here reading the same book and giving the same answers I gave last time. so yeah before you take a class online make sure you know who you're taking it from and put a face to your name, otherwise you're just a number on a screen and they have no empathy for you.

can't wait to have my own coffin and grave so that my halloween game can finally be at its peak

Had a dream about a stranger with a sexy mouth? they thought I was a past lover and wanted to run away with me? They were also wearing a scarf and it was Winter in New York City? We kissed in the brisk chill on a cold sidewalk in Soho outside of a coffee shop? I can't stop thinking about them?

the realization that I'm never gonna be able to buy a house or work above minimum wage without struggling is really-

*takes a drag on a candy cigarrette*

-not very sexy

I want to reboot my Etsy store but I'm scared it's gonna be a crapshoot like the first time. On the other hand I'm a much different person who makes much better things. on the third hand, I don't know how to market myself properly and am scared

some personal crap I just need to get off my chest

My mom is really upset with the friend group I have right now. She's been trying to convince me that they're just using me and whenever I'm around them I turn into a bad person, that none of them truly care and that she's the only one who has my back. Which is pretty much spot-on what she did in highschool and why I didn't have any friends.

I can't help but think that she's right but something she lectured me about today really hit a cord, she was saying how I'm confused about my sexuality (I'm not) and that I'm pretending to be bisexual so that my friends will like me (Nope), and that if I stopped pretending (or started dating a boy) that they'd all stop being friends with me.

She then goes on to say how the entire LGBT community is exclusive to people like her (straight) and that they are the most non-lenient people in existence. Which A) if you're homophobic then yes, the gays hate you and B) gays were excluded from mainstream media, society, fiction, etc and literally killed for holding hands in public..... Sounds like them having a place to themselves is in response to being thrown out of the common public space. "They're all like that, they are all hateful and spread hate" wow, first of all sure, I'm sure some radical individuals (who happen to be gay), have been known to start a riot for their own rights. Secondly cherrypicking a small majority of radical people is not accurate, the same could be said that all Germans hate jewish people (they don't, that was Nazis), or that all men are bad/terrible/nogood heathens(not all of them, just enough to make a point), or that all cops are absolute pigs (again, not all of them [though enough to make a point]).

This ties back to my friend group, and how she claims that none of them are accepting of anyone outside of our group (the LGBTQ community) because "that's just how those people are, and you're turning into one of them."

Sheesh life is just like that right now ain't it?

My mom has an issue with me drinking, even though I'm almost 23 and go out once every two weeks she scolds me like I'm some vagrant drunk

It really feels like none of my friends like me and just hang out with me cuz it's convenient. Like we have fun n stuff but I can feel these aren't life-long committed friends

I think it's just cuz I'm old now, but making friends in college is hard cuz everyone is poor, over worked, or just flat out doesn't want to put in the effort to be friends with others and it's such a tired and drawn out process.

Like I know friends who have part time jobs, no bills, rent is paid for, etc. All they gotta worry about is their own expenses and they're like going to concerts, taking trips to europe, and buying stuff but when it comes to hanging out they're like "I have no moneeyyyy".

Bro, you do have money, you're just bad at spending it, a day at the beach is free, a walk in the park is free, sitting on my couch is free, library=free, etc.

If you don't want to be friends and do friend things then just say that, I'm sick of the "no money"'re 23 dude

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tfw the radio switches to the Classic Rock station and

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